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Got it!! it’s a revolutionary multi-code scanner that allows you to scan codes in just a few milliseconds. It’s an essential tool for everyone and is designed to grant you the best experience possible.


  • Supports the following type of codes:


  • Scan codes instantly

Just point your device to the code and Got it!! will do the rest for you, in just a few milliseconds.

  • Auto Framing

Thanks to its algorithm, Got it!! frames automatically the codes for you, for a higher precision scan.

  • Autofocus

Save your time with the Autofocus function! The logic behind manages the code focus and lets you avoid important time losses.

  • Flash

With the flash you can scan codes even in dark environments, with the same precision of the day.

  • Scan QR codes from Photo Library

Reuse old photos with QR codes inside it. Don’t waste time, energy and money to scan it again.

  • Connect to any Wi-Fi Network instantly

With the brand-new hotspot functionality, if you scan a QR code of a network through the Got it!! app, now you will be automatically connected to that network without typing in passwords.

  • Send E-Mails instantly

With its new algorithm, when you scan a QR code of an email address, Got it!! now allows you to send it an email directly from the Camera!

  • Smart storage of the results

Got it!! is designed to be simple outside, but complex inside. Thanks to its logic, the results will be stored in the most appropriate section, automatically.

  • Search function

It doesn’t matter if you have one, five or thousands of records. Thanks to the Search function you can always find what you want.

  • CSV Export

Export all your lists into CSV files and store them where you want. Open them with Apple Numbers or Microsoft Excel!

  • VCF Export

Export all your contacts into VCF containers.

  • Search on Google the results

Search barcodes and text in general with Google. Find products info, food characteristics and more!

  • Create 15 new types of QR code

Now with Got it!! you can create QR codes with: Simple Text, Links, Contacts from your Library, New Private Contacts, Wi-Fi Networks Access, E-Mails, Current Location, Google Search, Bing Search, Yahoo Search, Facebook Profiles, Instagram Profiles, Twitter Profiles, LinkedIn Profiles and Skype Profiles.

  • Instant Sharing

Share results or new codes with whom you want, also via Social Networks. You can also print all the codes!

  • New beautiful Light Theme available

Now with just a switch in the Settings tab you can change the Got It!! theme dynamically.

  • Translated into 11 languages

English, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Swedish, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. More are coming!

  • NO In-App Purchase!

You will always have all the features completed and updated.

Got it!! functions:

Instant Scanner, 17 types of code supported, Hotspot Network Connectivity, Auto Framing, Autofocus, Flash, Scan from Photo Library, Instant Emails, Smart Storage, Search Function, CSV Export, VCF export, Google Search, Instant Sharing, Create 15 different types of QR codes, new dynamic Light Theme, no in-app purchases, 11 languages supported.


  • Please let me know through the dedicated button “Contact Me” in the Settings Tab or the support site. I’m here to provide the best App.

Developed in Swift. From Venice with love.



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