Hi there! Here’s a little overview of all my recent experiences:

(07/2017 – Present) – Freelance Software Engineer

  • Expert in iOS Development
  • UI, UX and Prototype Designer
  • SAP CEC Freelance Consultant

Analysis of Customer ideas, needs and specifications, design and development of Native Apple mobile apps in native Swift 3 and 4 programming languages.

Active collaborations:

  • Ccelera, as a SAP CEC Freelance Consultant (www.ccelera.com).
  • DigitalYogin, as Freelance Software Engineer. In particular, I deal with the design and development of mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch in Apple’s native languages Swift 3 and 4 (www.digitalyogin.com).

Important Projects:

(06/2018 – 12/2018) – SAP CEC Consultant

Randstad Technologies Italy SAP CEC Consultant in Ccelera.

Important Projects:

  • (06/2018 – 08/2018) WHIRLPOOL AMS post production support using SAP CRM On-premise.
  • (09/2018 – 12/2018) Electronic Invoicing for Italy (eDocument and Vendor Invoice Management). SAP Notes implementation with related pre and post activities, problem correction, problem solving using ABAP for pre and post production phases developments in SAP ECC.